A private equity firm that is a little bit...


Rogue Equity is uniquely positioned to benefit from the changing world order of distribution, intelligence, and aligned objectives.

Investments focus focus on 'one family' business sizes, helping them find the tools, capital, and partners to successfully bring a new business to life.


Built on years of experience bulding and participating in ecosystems the Rogue Equity model is the first system to not only set up a business, but to help coordinate it with the buyers and sellers you need to get the business off the ground.

How is this done?   The difference is in the bet that Rogue Equity makes in the projects, markets, communities, and distribution model.    By setting up partnerships in regional areas we are able to provide a platform to launch.


Decades of work and research into what makes an ecosystem work provides unique models for running, learning, and profitable growing the business.






Intellectual property


The reason to be alive. 

Rogue Equity has years of experience evaluating markets, pivoting, and finding ways to build ecosystems.  

Using a unique approach of partner based company launches, systems that support the business, and targetted business opportunities Rogue Equity turns ideas into gold. 


The special sauce in Rogue Equity businesses is an ability to endure.    

Rogue Equity company's have a better chance of growing through the storm.

Connected ecosystem, flexible contracts, cusomters and partners that care.  It's all part of the Rogue magic.

Our roots

Starting in 2023, Rogue Equity has begun seeding entrepreneurs into businesses that we have formed to get you started.   

Help beat the odds as small business owners and put our team into your team to make it happen.

Our system is in pilot mode in 2023 in Medford, Oregon.   

If you are interested in being a part of Rogue team please contact us.

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